July 19-21, 2022; $850

Ages: High School Graduation Years:

2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

The Crimson Clinic Elite will be held at the Bright-Landry Hockey Center at Harvard!

As always, it is our objective to provide a top-notch experience for each participant, while helping her to achieve both her short and long term goals. Our focus at our premier camp is three-fold:

1.    On-Ice Training: The Clinic strives to improve your skills in every repetition of every drill throughout the duration of your time on campus. Additionally, we provide knowledge that can be taken home and replicated in order to continue to heighten your game long after you depart the clinic.
2.    Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning: As players strive to be the best version of themselves on the ice, the effort that they put in off of it matters a great deal. With our professional strength coach, Crimson Clinic players learn the benefits of weight room work, including strength, explosive power, speed, and injury prevention.
3.    Character Development: Just as we do with our own team, we will help Crimson players hone the skills and learn the lessons to be great teammates and leaders through presentations and exercises. It is our goal to empower our participants so they can leave their mark as well as their legacy on the teams for which they play.


July 27-29, 2022; $550

Ages: Divisions by High School Graduation Year:




The Crimson Clinic Futures will be held at the Bright-Landry Hockey Center at Harvard!

The Crimson Clinic Futures, divided by high school graduation years (2027, 2028, 2029), offer opportunities to polish your skills, enhance your skating, and broaden your knowledge of the game under the guidance of the Harvard Women’s Hockey Staff. Each two and a half day combine includes two practices run similarly to those during our season at Harvard, two off-ice training sessions, three games,  Q&A with Prep School Coaches, and a conversation regarding teamwork, leadership, and character-building. 

COVID-19 REFUND POLICY: If we are forced to cancel the Crimson Clinic Elite and/or the Crimson Combine due to university, state, or federal regulations, a full refund minus the credit card processing fee will be provided. Otherwise, the original Refund Policy holds true and can be reviewed below.

REFUND POLICY: Cancelations received before May 1 will receive a full refund minus the credit card processing fee. After May 1, cancelations will receive $100. After June 1, no refund will be granted. No exceptions.